XGrass Introduces Pet Grass Synthetic Turf System for Pet Care Facilities

New synthetic turf system features TruFlo backing, antimicrobial infill and a drain tile subsurface.

XGrass, a national supplier and installer of recreational surfacing, announced the launch of a new synthetic turf surfacing system specifically designed for pet care facilities. The Pet Grass system is developed with a new TruFlo backing system, a unique 100% permeable backing system that allows liquids to drain through at an industry leading rate of over 400 inches per hour. The Pet Grass synthetic turf is laid upon a subsurface made of interlocking tiles that allow urine to be flushed away quickly and completely, greatly reducing the workload of busy pet care facility operators.

“Historically, the greatest challenge of using synthetic turf in pet care facilities relates to thorough flushing and complete drainage,” said Ron Bennett, President of XGrass. “Operators want a surface that allows waste to be flushed through quickly and completely. The combination of our new TruFlo backing and proven drain tile system help overcome this challenge. The drain tile underlayment allows for complete flushing and quicker drying time, whether installed over concrete or clean stone. It’s proven to work great indoors and outside.”

The drain tile underlayment consists of anti-microbial, interlocking tiles from XGrass’s VersaCourt division that manufactures kits for backyard basketball courts. Used as drain tiles, they provide airflow under the turf and a cleaner drainage path for waste and flushing.

To further protect the surfacing from pet-related odors and increase longevity of use, XGrass teamed up with ProVet Logic Kennel Care to provide a proven, environmentally-friendly enzymatic application that eliminates odors while not degrading the turf or tile.

For more information about Pet Grass, please visit http://xgrass.com/synthetic-turf-commercial/artificial-grass-for-pets/.

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