Synthetic Turf

XGrass offers synthetic turf that will revolutionize your outdoor space. Designed to look just like healthy, well-trimmed, natural grass, our products require very little upkeep to look stunning.

We’ve built the most experienced team in the industry to meet our superior quality standards and ensure our customers receive the best-finished product. We strive to provide the most distinct synthetic turf surfaces, creating personalized solutions for landscapes, pet areas, playgrounds, water parks and sports.


Duraflo is an innovative backing system developed exclusively for XGrass that offers the following significant benefits:

  • 100% Recyclable: Turf with Duraflo can be ground up into pellet form and utilized in a vast array of injection-molded products.
  • Permeable: Our non-perforated Duraflo is up to 50% more permeable than perforated urethane backed products and won’t clog like hole-punched systems.
  • Polyolefin Backing: Absorbs no moisture and thus minimizes expansion and contraction resulting in less stress on seams.


This anti-miocrobial, non-toxic, non-flammable infill stays cooler and lasts longer than other infill materials.


Heat Block

Here at XGrass, we don’t want to be the “hottest” product on the market. With Heat Block color options, our turf is 17.5° F cooler than the competitions’ artificial grass systems.


Our goal is to not “outshine” the competition. Shine Block blade profiles reduce the reflective quality of the fiber allowing our grass to appear more like a healthy, well-trimmed, natural lawn.

Turf Gallery:

  • XG_HuntingtonBay_1
  • TX_Primrose_Dallas6
  • RT_FL_ManateeHigh_3
  • PaynePark_FL
  • Grossman-13
  • CA_PalmDesert_Median_1
  • GCS_Ballpark1
  • backyard putting green
  • 007
  • Synthetic Turf Field at D1 Orlando
  • RT_AZ_Phoneix_2
  • Backyard Putting Green
  • XG_Sport_9
  • XG_Pet_5
  • Seattle Artificial Grass Lawn
  • OH_Football_1
  • Manatee-High-School-Courtyard-round-2-2
  • 0311XGP-031


A popular unitary surface choice, XGrass Rubber Surfacing is one of the best surfaces for ADA accessibility and is offered in wide a range of colors. Although rubber surfacing carries one of the highest initial investment costs, it’s frequently offset by lower maintenance over the life of the product. Maintenance is reduced to occasional cleaning and the removal of foreign material and leaves.

XGrass Rubber Surfacing is as attractive as it is durable. A creative option for playgrounds or water play, and a resilient choice for running tracks or pet areas.


Pour-in-Place is a combination of colored EPDM rubber granules over a cushion layer of black recycled SBR rubber shreds. Mixed with a liquid binder, each layer is poured in place on-site, providing a continuous surface for a variety of applications. Ideal for playground safety surfaces, sports applications and water play areas.


Bonded Rubber Mulch

Bonded Rubber Mulch is a single layer of organically pigmented recycled SBR rubber mulch. Like pour-in-place, it is also mixed with a liquid binder and troweled out on-site to create a continuous surface. Bonded Rubber Mulch is a great option for playgrounds, paths, walkways and landscapes.

Rolled Rubber

Rolled Rubber is polymerically bound, recycled tire rubber with EPDM fleck coloring in a variety of colors. Rolled Rubber is seamlessly installed with full-spread glue or dry-lay interlocking sections. The ultimate surface for fitness equipment areas, garages and basements.

Rubber Playground Surfacing Color Options:

Standard Solid Colors

  • Red Playground RubberRed
  • Blue Playground RubberBlue
  • Light Green Playground RubberLight Green
  • XGrass Green Playground RubberXGrass Green
  • Ivory Playground RubberIvory
  • Egg Shell Playground RubberEgg Shell
  • Beige Playground RubberBeige
  • Light Gray Playground RubberLight Gray
  • Mid Gray Playground RubberMid Gray
  • Charcoal Gray Playground RubberCharcoal
  • Black Playground RubberBlack
  • Cocoa Playground RubberCocoa
  • Mid Brown Playground RubberMid Brown

Premium Solid Colors

  • White
  • Yellow
  • Gold
  • Orange
  • Bright Red
  • Purple
  • Light Blue
  • Dark Blue
  • Teal
  • Army Green
  • Dark Brown

Common Color Combinations

  • Red & Black
  • Beige & Black
  • XGrass Green & Black
  • Blue & Black

Bonded Rubber Mulch Colors

  • Brown Bonded Rubber MulchBrown
  • Red Bonded Rubber MulchRed
  • Red Bonded Rubber MulchBlack
  • Blue Bonded Rubber MulchBlue
  • Green Bonded Rubber MulchGreen
  • Sandstone Bonded Rubber MulchSandstone

Rubber Gallery:

  • VSP-Irvine-weight-room
  • iStock_000003748263Large
  • GA_Morningside_1
  • Rubber Playground Surfacing
  • DSC_0355
  • D1-Orlando-weight-room
  • Compass-Rose-(1)
  • Centennial-Park-Squares-(6)
  • BrentwoodYoungChildrens_TN

VersaCourt Tile

The team at VersaCourt is dedicated to developing the best and most environmentally friendly products for residential and commercial applications – without sacrificing quality. VersaCourt Tile are custom-designed and built utilizing progressive, engineering technology to ensure a low-maintenance and safe playing surface. The 3/4” thick, shock-absorbing, suspended surface reduces playing fatigue and provides better ball bounce for exceptional game performance.

VersaCourt Tile is ideal for indoor and outdoor courts, pet areas, garage floors and more. Easily resurface worn-out asphalt or concrete courts at your home or commercial facility.

Learn more at

Extra UV Protection

At VersaCourt, we take our warranty seriously. We’ve invested considerable time testing each and every tile color with the most advanced methods available to ensure that after 12 years the colors of your tile will still look bold and bright…and the test is still going. There isn’t another company in the industry that can make that promise.

How do we do this?

We add 20% more UV protection to our tiles than recommended. Like sunscreen preventing sunburn, the extra UV additive ensures vibrant and consistent colors long term, making it the foundation of our 15 year warranty..

We’ve Already Measured Twice

Our extensive research and development has concluded that right at 10” x 10” is the optimal size tile for peak performance. Our patented design produces a consistently flat tile that guarantees the absolute best ball bounce and overall playability.

Patented Locking System

Our revolutionary interlocking mechanism uses six locking points on each tile. These six separate locking points keep the tile flat and secure to the floor allowing for a consistent, uniform ball bounce. Best of all, the tiles snap together effortlessly making installation a breeze.

Environmentally Stable Materials

Our tile is made from POLYPROPYLENE, NOT PVC. Polypropylene is more resistant to fracturing, lighter for handling, and recyclable.

Orthopedic Benefits

VersaCourt is designed to help protect your knees, ankles, and back from the stress of playing on traditional hard court surfaces. The expansion joints and spring tabbing mechanism between the tiles allow slight side-to-side movement and forgiveness on joints and the lower back. The modest vertical give of VersaCourt takes additional pressure off of joints.

Tile Surfacing Color Options:

Standard Solid Colors

  • Bright Red
  • Burgundy
  • Rust Red
  • Hunter Green
  • Slate Green
  • Olive Green
  • Light Blue
  • Navy Blue
  • Royal Blue
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Sand
  • White
  • Gray
  • Graphite
  • Black

Tile Gallery:

  • versacourt21
  • versacourt20
  • versacourt17
  • versacourt15
  • searle2
  • IMG_0626
  • versacourt10
  • Backyard Basketball Court
  • versacourt11
  • versacourt7
  • versacourt6
  • DogsIMG_0667


Whether you are installing a new playground or topping off an existing one, XGrass can complete your installation within hours with no mess. XGrass offers a variety of quality loose-fill mulch made from materials such as engineered wood fiber and colored rubber playground nuggets. Our mulch drains easily and dries quickly, is environmentally friendly and can be installed over soil in just a couple
of hours.

XGrass mulch is the perfect option for budget-challenged playgrounds or natural commercial landscaping.


Hardwood engineered wood fiber (EWF) is the most common type of playground safety surfacing.

• Natural looking
• ASTM approved up to 12” fall height
• ADA compliant
• Meets Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) recommendations

Colored rubber playground nuggets

Colored rubber playground nuggets gives you the fun factor.

• Available in four colors
• Made from 100% recycled rubber
• ASTM approved up to 12” fall height
• ADA compliant
• Non-toxic and metal-free
• Meets Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) recommendations

Mulch Gallery:

  • iStock_000019454221Large
  • EWF-(6)
  • EWF-(2)_NewSky
  • Rubber-Nugget-(1)
  • EWF-(1)
  • Commercial-Mulch
  • Rubber-Nugget-(2)
  • iStock_000015975049Medium

“Great Products, Great Warranty, Great Service”

John Danahy, New York City, New York