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While Seattle may not be the city with the most rainfall each year, it has a relatively high amount of days per year with precipitation.  In fact, in a typical year, Seattle will have almost 160 days with rain or snow.   This combined with its mild temperatures and often cloudy skies leads to conditions that are not always ideal for natural grass.  For these reasons, more and more Seattle residents are turning to XGrass for the installation of synthetic turf and other outdoor surfacing solutions.  Samples of our work include:

Artificial Grass Lawns
Seattle Artificial Grass LawnSeattle weather can be extremely challenging to those trying to maintain a beautiful lawn.  Rainy conditions in the spring, fall and winter lead to waterlogged conditions that produce muddy spots and moss while dry summers make keeping a lawn green challenging.  With artificial grass lawns from XGrass, lawn care is virtually eliminated.  Our synthetic grass is designed to hold up well to wear-and-tear and maintain its attractive appearance for years with minimal maintenance required.

Synthetic Turf for Residential and Commercial Landscaping
Rainy conditions often lead to wet and muddy turf that is dangerous and generates mud that gets tracked into buildings.  For this reason, more landscape architects are turning to XGrass Synthetic Turf and Bonded Rubber products for landscaping projects in Seattle.  These synthetic turf products not only reduce ongoing maintenance costs, but they provide environmentally friendly and attractive solutions that are ideal the for the Seattle market.

Artificial Turf Athletic Fields
Artificial Turf FieldDamp, rainy conditions can wreak havoc on an athletic field or keep it from being used, but with a professionally designed and installed synthetic turf from XGrass, schools and athletic facilities can practice and play all year long.

Backyard Putting Greens
Backyard Putting GreenSeattle homeowners looking to improve their golf games have taken advantage of XGrass’s tour quality artificial putting greens.  Our experienced installation has worked with golfers throughout the world to design and install synthetic putting greens that bring the feel of a PGA Championship golf course to one’s backyard. With the appearance of a natural-grass putting surface, XGrass greens offer the golfer the ability to improve every aspect of the short game with minimum maintenance and maximum convenience.

Residential and Commercial Playground Surfaces
Rubber Playground SurfacingAs a leading designer and installer of synthetic turf, boned rubber mulch and poured in place rubber playground surfacing, XGrass is helping to make the play areas of schools, nurseries, parks, and other facilities in Seattle safer.  XGrass’s low maintenance, IPEMA certified surfacing are completely anti-microbial and dry quickly enough that children can play immediately following a rain.

Pet Turf & Dog Run Grass
Seattle dog owners, veterinary clinics, kennels, dog parks and other pet care facilities are turning to XGrass synthetic turf to make pet areas easier to maintain and more pleasant for the animals.  Synthetic turf provides a mud and puddle free play area free of pesticides and chemical treatments.

Backyard Basketball Courts
Backyard Basketball CourtWith its recent acquisition of VersaCourt, XGrass is now one of the leading designers and installers of outdoor basketball courts as well as tennis, paddle tennis, shuffleboard and multigame courts in the Seattle area.

Sample of Seattle Installations

AT Baseball – Tacoma Washington
AT Baseball features a 10,000 square foot indoor practice and training facility featuring XGrass XP Elite synthetic turf baseball fields and batting cage areas.

Thomas Jefferson High School – Auburn, Washington
Installed a Performx XD synthetic turf athletic field.Synthetic Turf Athletic Field





Brighton School
– Lynnwood, Washington
Mini Soccer/Playfield using Performx XS synthetic turf.

KLA Bright Minds School – Bellevue, Washington
Playground surface installation featuring Superlawn MS Pro Artificial Turf

At XGrass, it is our goal to be the leading installer of artificial grass, synthetic turf, rubber surfacing, and court tile in Seattle.  Please contact us for more information.